Europe (and, by corollary, the civilization throughout the world which has been produced by Europe) cannot and will not continue to survive unless it returns to the Catholic Faith. For the Faith is what produced it – what made it to be what it is – and only the Faith can continue to sustain it. We are at a ‘crisis of civilization,’ [Belloc] says, and ‘In such a crux there remains the historical truth: that this our European structure, built up the noble foundations of classical antiquity, was formed through, exists by, is consonant to, and will stand only in the mold of, the Catholic Church. Europe will return to the Faith, or she will perish. The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith.’

Europe and the Faith, Hilaire Belloc, 1920

A political site defending a proper understanding and preservation of Western Civilization in the United States.

This site is dedicated to the sovereignty of our nation, the conversion of its peoples, and the Social Kingship of Christ. In order to more effectively bring about the organic growth and development of a new Christendom, National Traditionalist intends:

To participate in the local political life of a given area through support of candidates that prove appropriate to our cause and according to the principles of subsidiarity.

To support traditional values, not limited to protecting the unborn, private property, traditional marriage, Earth stewardship, patriarchy, and local business.

To foil the demonic attempts and influence of those who would demand a godless state founded on the ideas of egalitarian individualism and globalist cultural marxism, not limited to feminism, MGTOW, MRM, Antifa, abortion advocacy, homosexuality and transgender advocacy, thought police, race baiting on all sides of the color spectrum, and advocacy of unlimited and unregulated capitalism and immigration.

To support local chapters, traditional priests, our members in their businesses, and affiliates according to our means; both financially, spiritually, educationally, and otherwise.

To be known, even if anonymously, as believers and followers of Christ and His teachings and to recognize that our political activity stems from and is informed by such teaching.

To defend the rights of God, Family, and Religion in the hopes that doing so will preserve the Western Civilization which for so long guided and protected society from the egregious moral errors we now see perpetrated in our day.

To “be all things to men” and reach out to those who may have similar ideals but reservations about our cause.

To work toward increased personal knowledge of what is necessary to be effective counter-revolutionaries and thereby, true patriots.

This is a working mission statement that is subject to change.  

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