If you can’t figure out how to correctly fill out a ballot, you shouldn’t be voting.

It should be standard across the country that any ballots incorrectly filled out are forfeit.
It seems like the most obvious rule #1: If you can’t fill out a ballot correctly, you shouldn’t be voting. Duh.
It doesn’t matter what you meant to do, or that you had a whoopsie moment of confusion. If you submit a ballot incorrectly filled out, you don’t deserve to have your vote counted.
It’s like a test, you don’t get credit if your name isn’t on it. You don’t get an A if you answered incorrectly. Pretty basic.
Of course this would make it easy for the shamelessly bold Democrats who don’t mind lying, cheating, or stealing, to get their politician in by marking the ballots of those who voted for competitors, thereby making those ballots incorrectly filled out. But this is the problem when you have a group of people who are known for their dishonesty in charge of voting venues.

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