Get off YouTube, because you can!

If there was ever an indicator of how much the left and the right are two sides of the same coin, just take a look at YouTube. Funded by big corporations and big Pharma, channels like Natural News and yours truly (???) has gots to go – and they are shut down and sensored according the subjective agendas of whatever peons happen to be in the YouTube reviewing office that day. But the White Nationalists and the loony leftist SJWs are welcome to stay – as long as they play by the rules, mostly.

It used to be if you wanted to make a vid, you had to post it to YouTube because they pretty much were the only thing out there. Not anymore!

I had to share because I am really stoked about it. After my videos were pulled from YouTube for violating TOS (I sincerely have no idea what for, they were less offensive than most pro-white nationalist ones out there), I wanted a place that was free from the censoring crap of YouTube. And it’s here! Totally new, started in June so still in beta mode. Kudos to founder Mike Adams for creating it. It’s long overdue.

Check it out, and if you are bold and Catholic, start your own channel, and maybe we can collaborate if you want to subhead under National Traditionalist.

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