Michelle Wolf: A New Low for Democrats Everywhere

When Comedy Fails, Turn to Private Parts!

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is all on board with scraping the bottom of the leftist barrel to see what nasty creatures he can produce. As if child pornography and providing the Obamas with a platform for their socialist indoctrination weren’t enough, Netflix’s latest: Michelle Wolf’s disgusting “salute” to baby killing (embedded below) – because in the grand scheme of things, killing babies is no more horrific than say, gassing Jews or enslaving black people, and obviously those are worth a good laugh.

But let’s set aside her blithe assertion that abortion is “stopping a baby from happening” – it’s as erudite and scholarly an explanation as one might expect of someone with as little class and dignity as Michelle has. I suppose “baby” only happens once the child is born? But we know that can change too since the radical left also advocates for “post-birth abortions”. Oh, Michelle, is that just one bridge too far?

The greatest merit to her argument is that it is so weak and pathetic as to be perfectly clear to everyone just how illogical and morally wrong it is. Hitler’s arguments for exterminating the Jews, on the other hand, still manage to take in white nationalists around the country and are far more insidious for their philosophical appeal.

Let’s set aside her specious arguments regarding why being against abortion is somehow “anti-woman” and not an argument unless we aren’t also for all the other pet agendas she listed. (Because hey, you know murdering children v. education or the environment – they all carry equal importance, and that proves anti-abortion opponents are also anti-woman.

Somebody inform the woman that this does not at all logically follow one from the other. Please. So she never humiliates herself on national television like this again. Unfortunately, Miss Wolf will never be able to claim that logical thinking is one of her strong points. At this point, I’m thinking she seriously made a mistake on her career as well because comedian she is not.)

Let’s set aside her assertion that “women control life”, usurping God’s role as creator, setting herself up as her own god, and implying that men are essentially worthless. Speaking of, let’s also set aside how she relegates the role of men in the social construct to the level of “suitcase lifters” (Notice, the feminist writers didn’t even catch their own freudian slip. Isn’t it interesting how feminists still expect men to be chivalrous, even while they demand men not be chivalrous because “patriarchy” and “objectification”? Make up your mind feminists.)

Let’s set aside the knee-slapping guffaws produced by her “clever” reference to dismembering children using coat hangers. Why she was laughing about it, apparently so hard that it was hard to get the words out, beggars belief.

Let’s set aside how she thinks killing a baby should be as easy – and one must assume, as common – as ordering food from a drive through. (Did anyone else find her connection between food and abortion disturbing in that it calls to mind eating and murder at the same time? Which uncannily enough calls to mind child-sacrifice and cannibalism? The Aztecs ain’t got nothing on the millions of pro-abortion trolls like Michelle Wolf.

The perversion of the Aztecs was in sacrificing humans and eating their hearts as a way to satisfy their false gods and continue the circle of life. As horrific and erroneous as it was, one can at least admit they thought it was necessary for the general good. Miss Wolf et al’s excuse, on the other hand, is to sacrifice these children on the altar of their own ego, convenience, and/or will – for their own individual good. “I will take your life in order that I may live life as I would like.” Just takes perversion to a whole new level.)

Let’s set aside how she’s so gleefully celebrating her “right” to murder the unborn that she’s virtually exploding with smiles as she struts around in skimpy Americana gear. Let’s also set aside how she talks out of the right side of her mouth, her voice is more whiney and annoying than nails on a chalkboard (although I think she’s supposed to be ‘cute’?) and how, to put it kindly, she looks like she could seriously use less partying and more sleep considering gremlins have less bags under their eyes.

Instead let’s talk about how Michelle Wolf, like many another modern day female “comedian” who failed ‘How to be Funny 101’, has to fall back on being crass, crude and make heavy handed references to their private parts.

Here’s a clue for you lady comedians: The only people who are going to appreciate your crass and disgusting humor are people who are just as disgusting and immature as you are. Fortunately, at least half the country sees your display for what it is: something that makes women everywhere ashamed you have the nerve to call yourself one.

I don’t quite know how it is that female comedians arrived at the idea of, “when all else comedic fails, lets treat our female private parts like juvenile boys do their private parts!” Funny? Maybe in your little leftist echo chamber of emotionally stunted adults. But to everyone else? Not even close. Grow. Up.

The left is worried Roe v. Wade will be coming under attack with an anti-abortion heavy Supreme Court. They should. That fight is bolstered, reinforced, and all the more justified when monsters like this treat sacred human lives with the same irreverence they do everything else. And the left has the nerve to wonder why children are shooting up schools.

#CancelNetflix #FireMichelle #AbortionIsMurder

Photo By Erin Nekervis [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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