Blaming Trump Solves Nothing

For the past ten years, it has been my private, but confirmed opinion that our country is headed toward civil war, or at the very least, serious civil unrest. Evidence of an increasing dichotomy between conservative and progressive view points, between those who want to live life under a moral, stable rule of life that includes a fair wage for the working man, private property, and a general presumption of self-responsibility, and those who want determine their own morals, or none, who want socialism, victimhood, and open borders, was largely ignored by political pundits everywhere.

The first time I actually saw the words “civil war” speculated on in a press article was three months ago or so. Now, “31% of Americans believe civil war is likely soon.” I would hope that civility will prevail, if nothing else, for the continued functioning of our country and for the countless parents and children who rely on working roads and infrastructure, as opposed to chaos. I would hope both parties can recognize that the polarization of this country will only result in greater misery all around.

But it is undeniable that the polarization of what was once the United States of America seems inevitable.

The left wants to lay this at the feet of Trump and the Republican party, which it insists has departed into increasingly more “radically” right-wing political arenas over the recent years, whereas “the Democrats are about as extremist-and-moderate as ever.” Conservatives fully appreciate the implication in throwing around the word “extremist” and “radical:” that the “fundamentalists” espousing such ideals will likely also resort to violent, tyrannical means to obtain their end.

“Call out the right!” seems to be the new by-word of progressives. Little do they realize that this has been a long time coming.  Rome was not built in a day, and the failure of conservatives and liberals to see eye to eye on nearly every issue that comes before government was not built over a single generation, a single decade, or a single presidency.

If you are going to “call out the right,” best start at the beginning, which was before the culture war even started. Realize that conservatives are finally responding en masse to a culture that it has long deplored, perhaps in part due to the dissemination of information outside of a media they distrust.

The social experiment that swept through the country in the 1960s and hasn’t stopped since didn’t create the utopia they promised. It can statistically be shown to have failed across several metrics that matter deeply, be they damaged boys killing their peers, a sky-rocketing suicide epidemic, or a drastically falling replacement rate, to say nothing of the millions of children killed by abortion (though Democrats aren’t inclined to include that statistic in their list of social ills). The warnings of countless conservatives who warned against the inherent psychological dangers of removing the sacred and the respect for human life were ignored and now we are paying the price for human selfishness.

It isn’t as if Democrats are entirely at fault. A multitude of our country’s problems can be laid at the door of republican politicians who were more concerned about their campaign finances and lobbyist funding from big business than they were about the effects of corporate interests on the American public. The wages of the working poor is an issue that needs to be addressed, and quite obviously, the Republican method isn’t engendering a lot of faith. The jury is still out on Trump. Nevertheless, Democrats are at fault for a cultural revolution which conservatives see as being central to a host of the social evils of our day.

But let’s be honest, it’s also true that a great many of the boomer generation bought into the cultural marxist lie, only to discover after fifty years that the utopia they had been promised was a delusion. Now they are returning to their moral roots and hoping it’s not too late for their children and grandchildren. Perhaps it already is:

“The left has won the cultural wars. Gays and lesbians can get married. A majority of Americans now take the liberal position on just about every polling question posed to them: Equal pay for women – check. Abortion should be legal – check. Stronger environmental laws – check. More gun control – check. Legalize marijuana – check. A huge shift has taken place – just ask the socialist who won 22 states this year.” – Michael Moore 2015: 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win


Conservative working men and women believe in law and order, going through the process, and generally, taking a person at their word. We believe, or once believed, in the inherent goodness of men, that their word was their bond, and that there were a sufficient number of good, common sense, bible-believing humans around that the insanity of progressives couldn’t possibly prevail.

Over the years, we’ve become increasingly disillusioned on this head and our faith in man eroded by years of not only increased liberal and socialist policies that cater to the victim status of a few, while ignoring everyone else. We’ve been disillusioned by republican politicians running on the same moderately right platform year in and year out and effectively getting nothing done, and by democrat politicians who run on a platform of division and victimology that constantly points to Republicans as the source of society’s ills.

How many of republican concessions over the years were due to altruistic motives of “keep the peace, keep the government functioning”? How many were due to lobbying interests? No one can say without going through each bill with a fine tooth comb and comparing the yays and nays against each individual’s campaign funding. The question begs, though, if progressives didn’t care about the American people enough to compromise, why should conservatives? Because that’s just what we do? Because we’re the Christians and supposed to “turn the other cheek”?

James Fallows of The Atlantic calls for journalists to do the honest thing, to be bold and state, “Republicans are the problem,” in an endeavor to reinstate a supposed objectivity in main stream media that, thus far, he would suggest, has been soft and naive. Yet he misses the forest for the trees, and discounts his own declaration of bias. Republicans aren’t the problem. The problem is that there is a fundamental incompatibility between the ideology of conservatives and liberals, and there always has been.

We’re only seeing it to this degree now because entitled liberals have forced conservatives into a corner with their suggestions that if we don’t give them what they want, they will wreak social hell. How is that compromise? Is compromise even possible?

Many, many of the always-Trumpers, of which I am not one, see Trump as a Deus Ex Machina in the story of their overarching political life. Powerless and subjected to increasingly more liberal and socialist dystopic policy (which democrats firmly believe is utopic), half this country, left with the option of more of the same under Hillary Clinton, or someone who, incredibly, seemed to have his interests more aligned with their own, flocked to Trump like he was a savior.

Let’s be clear, Trump is not what the establishment Republicans wanted. He wasn’t tied down by the same political special interests threads they were. He was too much of a free agent. But half this country voted for him, which should go to show that half this country doesn’t believe the Republican or Democrat establishments are sufficiently representing their interests.

Is it any wonder that we’ve seen a recent increase in conservative “extremist” politicians? Their rise is indicative of a change in thinking and it’s called, “No More.” Trump’s election should have been a wake up call for all of them that half this country is tired of the tyranny of the left, and the inaction of the right, and wants politicians with a backbone because collectively, conservatives are done with the social experiment.

We’re done with the political double speak and the thoroughly ineffective hand-wringing and hollow promises of Republican politicians. We’ve given democrats free reign to act against this country as agents of socialist agendas. To our utter shame, we’ve allowed the education system to be so thoroughly taken over by socialists that it’s become common knowledge: to send one’s child to public school is to indoctrinate them in marxist think.

The progressives rely and have relied for the past forty years on victimology for votes and have fabricated and imposed upon conservatives a systemic racism, misogyny, and xenophobia that isn’t there because it’s a convenient lie that supports their policies and their narrative and in turn their funding.

They raise their constituents to an emotional fervor that time and again they hope will result in votes, but more often than not, results in violence or violent rhetoric. Meanwhile, conservatives would shake their heads and go back to trusting their politicians to hold the conservative picket line against the encroaching and increasingly progressive policies of socialists.

As conservatives have raised their voices louder and louder, emboldened by the constant and chronic disregard by the media and by more than a decade’s worth of politicians under Obama, Bush, and Clinton, the left has come to realize something which conservatives have known for the past hundred years and more, since socialism raised its ugly head: that there is a fundamental and irreconcilable difference between conservatism and socialism.

This, more than anything, is the source of our country’s contention.

It can definitely be argued that Trump is the proximate cause – the catalyst – of this unrest, by dint of his capacity to avoid playing the same republican game that allowed progressives to make nearly unchecked headway toward socialism. After all, when one isn’t as dependent on money from lobbying interests to fund a campaign, there are a lot less special interest commitments one has once in office. And this means he can’t be controlled in the same way that previous Republican presidents could.

But even if Trump’s the proximate cause, he’s certainly not the source and blaming him, or even impeaching him, won’t solve anything.

The realization of our irreconcilability may have come to a head under Trump. It may even be that Trump will break this country in a variety of ways. But laying it at his feet while ignoring the greater problem because it’s an inconvenient truth is an exercise in futility and only pushes us more toward civil unrest.

We see clearly that there is no desire on the left to compromise and that the expectation of progressives is that compromise will start and end with conservatives. The left can’t be blamed for their presumption – after all, they have had years to become accustomed to this status quo.

Now, they will have to adjust to a new status quo, the one where conservative politicians can and will demand as much in the way of concessions as the liberals ever have and will be as uncompromising until they get them.  Progressives should try compromise on for size, make concessions for once. Because this country will either learn to function as a country of compromise, despite irreconcilable differences, or we will descend into anarchy. Then again, maybe that’s what the George Soros’ of the world have wanted all along.

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