Unapologetic Patriot

I love my country. I would die for my country. I pray for my country.

But it is seriously messed up and calls down God’s vengeance upon it.

In many ways, our government is a failure, our people are degenerates, our military is used in ways that are immoral, and to support causes which are unjust (not all, but enough), our education system is an introduction into vice and sin, and our families are broken.

Our history is replete with instances of heinous crimes against humanity, such as when we took over the Philippines, or made Hawaii a state, or used small pox against the Native Americans, engaged in the slave trade of Africans, bombed numerous places through out the middle east that killed innocent women and children, or tore our children apart, limb from limb in their mothers’ wombs, by the millions.

Our country has blood on its hands and it can only be removed with a return to moral order and the establishment of the Social Kingship of Christ in this country. This will only happen through the organic spread of true Catholic teaching from the bottom up. From traditional Catholics activating and participating in the political process in this country.

The United States is expected to give up our sovereignty and our right to rule independently of other nations. We are expected to accept a trade deficit. We are expected to police the world while receiving little back in return. We are expected to open our borders to immigrants and refugees of every kind without discrimination. We are expected to forgo our traditional moral and religious teachings and embrace the civilization-destroying social anarchy of Modernism.

For so long, we’ve given up because it has seemed hopeless, but now, the dichotomy between those who want a globalist moral and religious relativism have reached such a level of insanity and hate that many are starting to wake up. Who will they turn to?

Will they find traditional Catholic voices disseminating the social teachings of the Church out there in the internet, come what may? Will they find traditional Catholics participating in the conversations at the usual political social media watering holes? Will they find us on youtube in sufficient numbers so as to affect where the conversation goes? Will they find us on twitter with trending hashtags? How are we going to use our social influence to actively spread the Social Kingship of Christ?

By sheer proliferation, the message of Christ the King should be disseminated and heard, loudly. Loud enough that those who question their existing political allegiances will know that Catholicism is not the insipid and vapid force for philanthropy that the Novus Ordo has presented it. Rather, it is the unchanging and unchangeable doctrine of Christ, to whom every knee shall bend, a force that changed the world by the power of its message.

Patriotism is a love of the land of one’s birth, its peoples, and the possibility of what it can be some day.  I believe in one, sovereign nation under God. I am a patriot. I am a Catholic.



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