National Traditionalist Officially Banned on YouTube

I suppose I could try changing the email address and getting a new log in, but considering how ridiculous it is, and apparently how anti-Catholic they are (I mean, seriously, I get banned, but the white supremacists are allowed to stay? How crazy is that?), I’m not sure I want to do that, assuming there other mediums to use. I still need to research that. 

If you don’t believe YouTube is censoring according to a predetermined leftist bias, watch the video below where they admit it.

I don’t know which video or comment of mine brought down the Youtube jackboot, but my short-lived youtube channel was removed from the site.

If you want to see how much radicalism it takes to get removed from Youtube, simply scroll through my few posts here, or on my FB page, and check out how rad I am. It’s soooo crazy faaaaar right, right?

I mean, which anti-leftist talking point set off their alarms?

The Social Kingship of Christ one?
The anti-feminist one?
The anti-Islamic one?
The anti-abortion one?
The pro-partriarchy one?
The anti- illegal- immigration one?
The anti-racism one (against whites or blacks)?

Funnily enough, though, racist anti-Western Muslims *and* racist White supremacists can spew all sorts of “hate speech” on there with no retribution. Hey Youtube: Double standard much?

Or maybe, since the purpose of Satan is to foment chaos and anarchy, keeping the White Supremacists and the lefists around is a good thing for their goal. What they can’t have are Catholics preaching the one, true Faith and pointing out the obvious error of Islam (contradictory interpretations makes it necessarily a false religion).

The reason given for the account deletion? “spam, scam, or commercially deceptive content.” You’d think if I was trying to sell something, that would actually make sense, but I’m not.

These sorts of silencing tactics are exactly why conservatives of all stripes are pushing back. Leftists only want “approved content” on Youtube (or anywhere) so they can “limit the amount of exposure to things which aren’t good.” [An almost verbatim quote – – watch the interview below for yourself] “Free speech” has become a byword and these Orwellian tactics are par for the course.

Which means whatever comes out on youtube must be in keeping with an established narrative (aliens are okay, and apparently White supremacists are as well, but plain speaking on traditional Catholicism regarding immigration, feminism, etc. – ban-able offense!). Plain speaking and calling someone out exactly the way it is, isn’t allowed. Know your enemy, my friends, know your enemy.


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