Hey Whitey, You’ve Been Duped

A note to all the White Nationalists, White Supremacists, Alt-Righters, and Anyone Else Who Thinks These Guys Might Be Onto Something;

Like the vast majority of blacks in this country, you and your brethren are not seeing the bigger picture because you are stuck in the narrow minded view that race is the be all and end all of everything. Race is but a tool that the banker “Jews” and Freemasons are using against society to create chaos, division, and ultimately, anti-Christian anarchy.

Sure, the proximate cause of our problems today was the banker “Jews” (they call themselves that but are not. They laid the plans as far back as the 1800s and Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, and Pius XI forewarned us of what would happen if society did not join in the condemnation of these evils and turn back to God). But they are only the proximate cause.

What allowed for these wealthy and powerful Jews (and Muslims) to gain a foothold in the United States but the moral and religious relativism of the founding fathers? What provided for the rise of the deist, individualistic Enlightenment ideals that established Freemasonry and this country, than the Protestant Revolution which threw off the yoke of God’s own religion and introduced subjectivism via the 5 solas?

Do you think this is just some conspiracy? Go walk Washington D.C. and pay attention to all of the Freemasonic dedications and historical plaques all over the place and tell me that this country was not founded on Freemasonic ideals. They straight up told us they were going to do this. And here all of you are all surprised and horrified. The question begs, what did you think was going to happen when religious subjectivism and pluralism rules the day? (Thank you Protestant Revolution and the Enlightenment.)

Skin color is a blip of a point in a much greater issue (and only worth acknowledging insofaras the freemasons and marxists use it as a tool to create chaos). What all of you are conflating for racial clashing (because you’ve been duped by subjectivism as well) is actually the death of the West as a civilization.

Race can be associated with culture, but it’s only a part of the whole. The culture of the middle east is Islam, and it is barbaric because Islam’s teachings are inherently barbaric. And everywhere you see Islam show up, the same barbaric society follows. Race has little to nothing to do with it.

Our country is going to hell because so many have signed onto subjectivist Modernism and because the last gasps of Catholic moral influence on society are finally giving out (thank you, Vatican II anti-popes), not because one ethnicity is inherently better than another. That’s just hubris.

Western Civilization happens to be associated with white people because white people were in Europe, but if any other color had been there, it wouldn’t have mattered because as a civilization it was created by and through the influence of the Catholic Church. It is the greatest civilization because it was informed by, created by, developed and powered by the Catholic Faith.

Take that primacy of right religion away, as happened with the Protestant Revolution and you have a civilization that is gutted and slowly collapses in on itself, especially taking into account the attacks on Christianity, (of which, God knows, Catholicism is the sole true heir) by freemasonry and cultural marxism.

You don’t actually want to recover Western Civilization as it was from the beginning within the religious context which created it, you want the neutered form of it that brought about the problems we are already dealing with today, or you want some new tyrannic utopia which envisions white people in charge instead of the multiculturalist leftists. But it would be just as bad (perhaps not for you because you would have your white dream) in that, in order to maintain such a society, it would require the police state – because how are you going to get non-whites to sign on to your grand vision of white hegemony in the United States? (And y’all say you’re not supremacists!)

Even if you got your utopia, it would quickly fail because it fails to address the cancerous root of the problem, the turning away from Right Religion. Your thesis itself is part and parcel of the stinking morass that is now the West. Western Civilization started rotting from the spread of the Protestant Revolution, and it’s now a stinking, bloated, hateful carcass of its former self. Any and all Catholic social good that was left in the generations (like patriarchy, for example), the vestiges of Catholic influence, has all but been eroded away.

The growth of Western Civilization and the establishment of Europe as nations with their own unique identity was organic and dependent on the civilizing influence of Catholicism. Take that away and you return to barbarism (as we see now where we are collectively guilty of the infanticide of millions of unborn babies, where patriarchy has gone to the dogs, homosexuals and gender bender crap is shoved down our throats by the government, divorce is rampant, suicide rates and children killing each other is sky-rocketing, and dare not anyone say anything bad about the rising power of Islam).

Your women aren’t having children because white people signed up for the cultural marxist koolaid as much as anyone did. How in the heck do you hope to recover when you aren’t even embracing the religion that was the heart and soul, the motivating factor for creating Western Civilization in the first place? You aren’t defending Western Civilization, you’re defending a perverted mockery of Western Civilization that emphasizes in a way that Western Civilization historically never did, the importance and dignity of Europeans being white skinned.

God’s ambivalent. He doesn’t care what color we are. But He does care what religion we are (Jesus was a Jew, but He gave primacy to Peter and authority to His priesthood to bind and loose – that is, the authority to interpret scripture, thereby creating a new religion).

The culture that comes of European society, having developed through the lens of Roman Catholicism, is Western Civilization. Hence, everywhere Catholic missionaries took Roman Catholicism, Western Civilization followed. Take it away, and you have nothing. And no matter what else you are by color or local culture, if you’re godless and believe in the subjectivist creed, you can kiss goodbye to Western Civlization as well.

“Europe is the Faith. The Faith is Europe.”

Hilaire Belloc

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