A father is a man.

He is placed by God over his family to accomplish the goals that God Himself has set out for the family.

His responsibilities are many and he is accountable to the God Who has given him the privilege to be head, to represent the Son of God in the family. Therefore, his role model is Jesus Christ, Who humbled Himself being obedient to His Mother and foster Father, Saint Joseph.

He is not haughty, nor does he boast; he must give his very own life, be it necessary, for the preservation of his wife and children. His love for his wife is held to a higher standard than the love his wife must have for him, for Christ teaches that he must love his wife as Christ loves The Church (The Catholic Church).

He is the lawgiver in the household. Authority comes from God, and it is vested in the office of the father. His wife is the heart of the home, without which a home is not a home but just a household. As the head of the family, it is a father’s responsibility to direct his family to the Good God and the sacraments of His one true Church.

He renders discipline swiftly with equity and justice according to the precepts of Christian morality and decency, the objective of which is correction and sanctification with eternal salvation as it’s overall objective.

He loves his wife tenderly before his children and his love for his children is in imitation of the love God has for all of us.

This is a father; he is a Christian and has Christ for his role model.

-Spencer Colgan

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