Why Feminism (and Masculism) will Fail

Any system which places the rights of the individual over the rights of God (which are supra to society) will inevitably end up chasing its tail (as we see people hating on traditionalism and feminism, all the while actively promoting the same things they are fighting against, even if they don’t realize it – i.e. it’s the same individualistic egalitarian mentality that got us to where we are.)
Speaking about humanity as a whole and the relationship between men and women will invariably result in error without understanding the purpose of humanity. Egalitarian individualists are content with leaving the determination of this up to individuals because there is more or less the belief that religion is man-created, or at least that it is subject to the dictates of individual people, and that the rights of individuals trump the rights (i.e. what is owed) of God.
Without knowing humanity’s purpose, humans will inevitably arrive at a skewed notion of the value of their sex, be it male or female, in as much as they have a skewed value of everything, or at least, a very murky understanding of the purpose of society such as it is, and a self-involved and selfish understanding of what is owed them. The “why are we here?” question is generally just ignored by all sides even though it’s intrinsic to the formation of an ideal as to how society should be crafted and why it should be crafted that way.

There’s been a lot of condemnation of traditionalism here. In certain respects, it’s understandable. To a society that has no idea what its function is on this earth, it would seem that the superficial aspects of traditionalism/patriarchy (e.g. men are granted more power because they are put in more dangerous situations and thus they are devalued – a terrible oversimplification if I’ve ever heard one) are merely the precursor or paved the way for feminism which devalues men in the same way (so it’s argued.)

Well, patriarchy is founded on authority (“all authority comes from above”) and hierarchy, thus, a superficial patriarchy (one that has lost it’s moral impetus by betraying it’s primary end – see below) would fail to answer precisely because when Europe became Protestant, it lost its understanding of humanity’s purpose. What we term ‘Judeo Christian culture’ and the common understanding of morality is the last gasps of Catholic culture on European culture, but it’s all but run its course – the barbarians were sacrificing children at less a rate than we do through abortion.

When Henry VIII, representative of Government as were, straight up rejected God’s religion (which he formerly held, to the point of being called Defender of the Faith) in favor of getting his own will (divorce), it began a snowball of authority flipping, which created social chaos. Government turned against God (viz. rejection of God’s Religion), and then Man turned  against Government (The Rights of Man), and Woman turned against Man (The Rights of Woman),  and now in our day and age we have the rampant anti-authoritarianism and frequent school shootings (Child turned against Authority) The only thing left is for Nature to turn against Humanity and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that in the offing.

If our purpose on this earth is the greater glory of God, which is what was held and believed after the spread of the Gospel throughout Europe (even if you don’t believe it, we can’t discount the effect that European history has had on modern history), and in raising families, to procreate more souls for God, so that those souls may procreate more souls for God, and so on, than suddenly, social order is no longer ordered toward the individual, but toward the best way in which children can be raised such that they will save their souls (for the greater glory of God). In other words, it’s not about you, you selfish git.

Regardless of what other ways the Middle Ages were backward, it can at least be said of their society (if not of all individuals) that they understand the inherent utility and value respective to each sex in regard to the greater purpose of giving glory to God. It was a time period in which the greatest number of people saved their souls by dint of their fulfilling the purpose for which they were created.

Science has started to bear out the understanding of this specific ideal of social order more and more as research shows that the most emotionally and mentally stable children, the adults that contribute the most to a functioning society, who are less self-seeking, self-serving, and more sacrificial for the common good, statistically come from large families with traditional male/female parents.

(I can hear the derisive snorts of these “white knights” – guess what, a-holes, these white knights are what preserved Europe from being overrun by the Moslems during the Battle of Lepanto. These white knights are what preserved whatever you know in the way of civilization at all. Because they were noble like that. And you call yourselves men. SMH)

As egalitarian individualists there seems to be a common response of well, why should *I* have to sacrifice? Why should I have to go to war? Why not women? Why should I have to bear children? Why can’t I have a career?
Why should I have to stay home and keep house? Why should I have to get out there and labor?

All the while failing to understand that it’s not that male/female are undervalued. It’s that each is valued so highly for their respective jobs because the other side can’t do them. Men can’t bear children. If we are going to continue the human race, we need children. This is fact. A woman couldn’t lift a man and carry him off the battlefield. Wars happen. This is fact. (Oh, but men are more likely to die in war! Have you any idea how precarious, awful, and dangerous pregnancy and birthing children is? If you think it’s not a life and death matter, you’re insane. It’s incredibly risky which is why it’s so often done in a *hospital* where they have life saving equipment and blood transfusions available, just FYI).

Women struggle to balance career and bearing children and are having children later and later such that the replacement rate is below what it should be. Feminism is failing from within and they are grasping at straws to keep it alive by blaming the patriarchy for its failure (I kid you not).

As a social experiment, it has failed. Men are needed. Real men. Not these pansy-assed whiners whose biggest concern in life (to be crude, but honest) is how they are owed sex by women, like they want their cable, free and on demand.

Real men are needed. Noble, self-sacrificing, chivalrous white knights in shining armor. Damn straight. Because no one else can do it. NO. ONE. ELSE. CAN. DO IT.

And women are needed at home, nurturing children, and supporting their husbands. Being gentle ladies and baking cookies and helping their children feel emotionally secure. BECAUSE NO. ONE. ELSE. CAN. DO IT.

We need women being a soft and emotional counterpoint to their husband’s masculinity and ego. Science bears this out. Our increasing rate of school shootings with children from fatherless homes bears this out. Our sky-rocketed number of children with depression and suicide bears this out. If these things don’t matter to you, than why are you alive? Your life is meaningless.

The question of ‘Why should *I* have to…?” is inherently selfish and individualistic – solely concerned with the desires, goals, and wants of the individual.

If anything, it’s exactly the question that needs answering, the question that it’s sad that it is being asked.

Yes, men are getting the shitty end of the stick. But unborn babies and children are getting it worse, and yes, it’s feminism’s fault. It’s also your fault if you continue buying into a social order that places your individual rights over the rights of God and family. Don’t perpetuate the problem.  #TeDeum #DeusVult #GloryToGod

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